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VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon
Easily troubleshoot, manage and monitor your end-user computing environment

VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon

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VMware vRealize™ Operations for Horizon® is available as an add-on component for VMware Horizon and is licensed in increments of 10 and 100 concurrent connections.

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VMware vRealize™ Operations for Horizon® provides end-to-end visibility into the health, performance and efficiency of virtual desktop and application environments from the data center through to devices. It enables desktop administrators to proactively optimize end-user experience, avert incidents and eliminate bottlenecks. Designed for VMware Horizon 6, vRealize Operations improves IT productivity and lowers the cost of owning and operating virtual desktop and application environments.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive visibility into the performance and health of Horizon 6 environments eliminate bottlenecks and improve user experience to enhance workplace productivity
  • Intelligent automation of root-cause analysis and autocorrelation of monitoring data across the entire stack reduces troubleshooting times and improves team productivity by up to 50 percent.
  • Self-learning analytics that notify desktop administrators of impending issues before they impact end users enables proactive management and process improvements.
  • Out-of-the box reporting and remediation commands help ensure compliance and enhance SLAs.

VMware Workspace™ Portal
vRealize Operations dashboard provides comprehensive visibility into VDI environments.

Business Challenges

Organizations are turning to desktop and application virtualization to support end users with secure access to corporate services across devices, locations, mediums and connections. However, in order to provide these employees with the best possible experience at scale, IT organizations need to ensure that the storage, networking and compute used is adequately sized, tuned and –where necessary—remediated. This also applies to end user's desktops and applications. Slow log-in times or poorly performing applications can severely impact workplace productivity. To optimize user experience, IT needs to be able to proactively anticipate problems from the datacenter through to the very desktops and applications that employees are using today.

Challenges with Traditional Tools

While many traditional operations-management tools and processes exist and claim to tackle these challenges—the majority are not well suited for managing large VMware Horizon (with View) deployments, because:

  • They are not equipped to deal with large data sets and cannot provide the quality of alerts needed across most deployments.
  • They only provide a partial view into an environment and don't adapt over time to understand what is normal and what is not.
  • They lack the end-to-end visibility into the performance and health of the entire stack—including servers, storage, networking, as well as desktops and applications.

Solution Overview

VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon is optimized for Horizon 6—and allows IT to meet these challenges head on—while improving operational efficiencies and user experience, reducing operating expenses and improving infrastructure utilization.

Key features include

  • Patented self-learning analytics that adapt to your environment, continuously analyzing thousands of metrics for server, storage, networking and end-user performance.
  • In-guest metrics for application performance to ensure end users have the best possible users experience.
  • Comprehensive dashboards that simplify monitoring of health and performance, identify bottlenecks, and improve the infrastructure efficiency of your entire Horizon environment.
  • Dynamic thresholds and "smart alerts" that notify administrators earlier in the process and provide more-specific information about impending performance issues.
  • Automated root-cause analysis, session look-up and event correlation for faster troubleshooting of end- user problems.
  • Integrated approach to performance, capacity and configuration management that supports holistic management of virtual desktop and application operations.
  • Out-of the box reporting on usage and license metrics and pre-configured commands for quick remediation.
  • Design and optimizations specifically for Horizon 6.
  • Available as a virtual appliance for faster time to value.


IT organizations that manage Horizon 6 deployments with vRealize Operations for Horizon can benefit from

  • Lower operating costs – Improve staff productivity by up to 50 percent and infrastructure efficiency by up to 30 percent
  • Faster time to value – Move and scale out your production environment virtual desktop and applications more quickly.
  • Better end-user experience from any device – Provide infrastructure and desktop administrators with comprehensive visibility into virtual desktop operations and infrastructure, enabling them to eliminate performance problems before they impact end users.

Which Teams and Managers Can Benefit from vRealize Operations for Horizon?

vRealize Operations for Horizon helps a wide spectrum of IT and business teams, as well as their managers, to meet business objectives:

  • Vice president of desktop infrastructure – Achieves lower operating costs while delivering better quality of service to end users.
  • Manager of help desk team – Gains from automated troubleshooting and better visibility into end-user sessions and back-end infrastructure performance, leading to faster mean time to resolution (MTTR).
  • Manager of virtual infrastructure and operations – Achieves improvements in team productivity with fewer fire drills and a more proactive management of infrastructure, desktops and applications.
  • Virtual infrastructure and desktop administrator – Gains better insight into all aspects of the infrastructure, including normal behavior, health issues and nascent performance bottlenecks.

Unlock the Potential of Virtual Desktops and Applications

VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon enables IT organizations to seamlessly monitor and remediate virtual desktop and application environments at scale. Ideal for IT organizations looking to deploy virtual desktops and applications to 1,000 or more end users, vRealize Operations for Horizon is uniquely positioned to address the management and operations challenges that traditional monitoring tools and processes cannot solve. VMware Horizon 6 together with vRealize Operations deliver a lower cost of ownership, faster time to market and better end-user experience for organizations across the globe.


Download the VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon Datasheet (PDF).