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VMware Virtualization for Individuals

VMware Virtualization Solutions, Increase IT Efficiency and Virtual Management

Get Past the One Computer / One Operating System Mentality

Simultaneously run multiple operating systems on your Mac, Windows, or Linux computer with VMware virtualization. You don’t need a separate physical computer for each operating environment you want to run and you can switch between environments with a click. Each virtual machine, and its resources, is isolated from the others so you can test and evaluate new software or patches without risking your existing setup.

VMware virtualization is ideal for IT professionals, software developers, and technical sales and training professionals.

Run Multiple Operating Systems on the Same Computer

Run Windows, Linux, Solarix x86, Netware, and FreeBSD as guest operating systems on Windows and Linux computers with VMware Workstation Pro. Run all your favorite Windows programs on your Mac with VMware Fusion. Run legacy applications that might require older versions of operating systems without requiring a separate computer for each.

Test and Evaluate Software and Patches without Risk

Take snapshots of your virtual machines so you can easily revert back to stable state while testing patches and upgrades. You can even take your desktop with you on portable devices like USB thumb drives with VMware Workstation Pro. Easily evaluate virtual appliances from the Virtual Appliance Marketplace with VMware Player.

Run an Entire Multi-Tier System on a Single Host

Manage network connected virtual machines with VMware Workstation. Each network environment contains client, server, and database machines so you can demonstrate and train on multi-tier software on a single physical computer.

Next Steps

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