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SAP Virtualization

SAPThe advanced features in products from SAP and VMware combine synergistically to create perhaps the most powerful business process automation system that it is possible to build with today's technology.

Our customers who want to leverage the agility provided by SAP NetWeaver® enhancement packages also need the flexibility and powerful management features of VMware technology to achieve the kind of seamless, efficient network of interrelated processes that has long been envisioned but nearly impossible to achieve.

Solution Benefits

With VMware virtualization solutions, your SAP solutions-based development, test, training, and production environments can cost less and be more productive than within a purely physical infrastructure. From server consolidation and containment to business process and data center automation, the full range of virtualization benefits can be applied to all sizes of SAP deployments.

You can dynamically rebalance applications while increasing resource utilization across your test, development, Q&A, training and production environments. And VMware solutions increase the availability of SAP applications with technologies such as VMware® vMotion, VMware® High Availability, and VMware® vCenter Site Recovery Manager.

Top Ten Reasons To Run SAP Software Solutions on VMware Virtualization Technology

  1. Upgrade safely to the latest SAP solutions and simplify the transition to 64-bit environments
  2. Increase availability of all environments at lower cost
  3. Create cost-effective disaster recovery systems
  4. Quickly deploy new SAP solutions-based environments for development and test
  5. Align SAP resources with business priorities
  6. Decrease SAP data center costs for space, energy, cooling, hardware, and labor
  7. Increase SAP data center utilization, flexibility, availability, and agility
  8. Increase software quality at lower cost for your own SAP application-based development
  9. Increase uptime during planned maintenance
  10. Realize immediate ROI

VMware and SAP: A Dynamic Relationship

VMware has forged a strong, collaborative relationship with SAP AG to maximize the benefits for our joint customers. The ties between VMware and SAP are many and deep; a few of the ways the two companies work together include:

The Virtualization Competence Center (VCC) for SAP: